“The best players work the hardest when no one is watching.”


Our consensus as a staff has led us to believe that individual workouts and focusing on areas of improvement is what really takes our players to the next level.  Winter individual sessions that took place in the weight room and on the field changed our game immensely.  Having our players participate with the most highly educated training staff will allow us to provide unparalleled services and give us the ability to concentrate on specific needs.


The Predators staff is 100% certain that our players will grow vastly through our individual sessions.  We look forward to getting BIGGERFASTER and STRONGER this winter!


1) Indoor Workouts/Training:

a.      The Athletes Warehouse www.athleteswarehouse.com located at 220 Tompkins Avenue, Pleasantville, NY 10570.  It’s a brand new state-of-the art 11,000 SF facility that has indoor turf space along with a strength and condition area where the boys will be able to work out with personal trainers.  

b.   The entire session for each group will be an hour and a half with equal time being split in the gym and with a stick in our hands. 

c.   The trainers will personalize workouts for our boys (body weight exercises for the younger players and various Olympic lifting programs for the older boys) and our staff will run position specific drills on the field.