Predators Lacrosse is excited to announce their inaugural summer lacrosse camp for Summer 2015. The Predators have quickly established a reputation as the preeminent club lacrosse program in Westchester, affording the area's "next generation" an unrivaled combination of world-class coaching, recruiting exposure and a dynamic culture.  The "Predator Way" begins with the program's founders, who take great pride in ensuring EVERY player enjoys a tremendous experience.  Our most valued asset is the reputation we've each built over decades in the lacrosse community.  To that point, our program has become nationally recognized by many of the top recruiting showcases and college programs for producing/attracting elite players at all positions and ages.  


We are excited to offer Summer camp for the following age groups:  

Boys entering 4th grade through 8th grade


Port Chester Middle School

113 Bowman Avenue

Rye Brook, NY 10573





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